Wednesday, May 23, 2018 in Sète. Salle le Palace

Giving each citizen the means to analyze the information he receives, to exchange constructively, is a major objective of "Chimie et Société". Many actors are working to make chemistry more accessible by proposing original approaches and new practices.

As part of its missions, “Chimie et Société” organizes a “European Day of Exchange on Chemistry Outreach”, labeled ESOF.

Invited speakers are :

Michel Claessens (Belgium)

Damien Jayat (France)

Carla Morais (Portugal)

Didier Perret (Switzerland)

Martyn Poliakoff (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Rangapanaiken (France)

Alice Soldà (Italy) and Camille Oger (France)

Sokunthéa Thlang (France)




Scientists, scientific communicators, teachers, journalists, come to discuss with them on the following three topics:

How to meet chemistry at home via social media?

Chemistry outreach and teaching: a hybrid plan

Chemistry outreach through events

English/French live translation will be proposed

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Registration is free but mandatory.

Registrations are opened.

Deadline for registration: April 23, 2018